Article about ironing children's clothes and things

Why ironed baby clothes, you ask? The child will play and stained, pomnetsya. Still, the need exists only because of ironing things look neater and softer to the touch. Moreover when ironing kills pathogenic microbes. There are specific recommendations for ironing children's clothes. Let's consider them.

1) Choose the temperature, corresponding to the data on the label
For the children's things just need to observe the correct temperature when ironing. Otherwise, you desiccate the tissue, it will be hard and will deliver the child discomfort. So before stroking sort clothes so that she lay under the temperature conditions.

2) Wool ironed can, but carefully
Wool fabric is easy to change its shape, so things can be ironed at medium temperature operation through a gauze moistened with warm water. Ironing are until things are completely dry, otherwise there will be shrinkage. Pull or shake things can not just hang them neatly in the closet.

3) Nylon, nylon, silk, cotton - a special care
Baby stuff from nylon and nylon is not ironed at all. Hanging them out to dry, leveled things and after conventional drying on the rope folded in place. The clothes of silk ironed regime stripping, removing thus on the wrong side. And one more nuance - in any case not dampen the silk items during ironing, you run the risk that stain and spoil the appearance. If you happen to dry up clothes, then wrap it in a short time a moist cloth. Things calico iron preferably on the front side, the clothes bought some glitter.

Children's clothing in need of special care, and the right attitude to it. Listening to these guidelines, you will be able to preserve the original appearance of the product and prolong its existence.