Provenance snowsuit

They are absolutely not ride up, twist, protect from the cold, carrying out functional tasks with maximum comfort. No effort is to put it on or take off in the absence of discomfort for the child and parents.

When the kids grow up and start to walk, very convenient and practical also the clothes of becoming jumpsuit. And in a variety of range of children's clothes, most parents opt for the kids it jumpsuit.

Where such is the love of children and their parents in the bodys?
Explaining a little different - children's overalls are considered universal, comfortable and very practical children's clothing in which baby just run and jump, it is always warm and friendly. Elegant and specious overalls are suitable for children of all ages for any time of year, and most in demand winter overalls.

How did that snowsuit has become a leading, ideal and practical clothing for babies? You can look at the pages of history, where we can learn the history of the origin and path of evolution until today snowsuit.

-History Snowsuit.
Overalls (fr. Combinaison) - a holistic suit, pants connects to the upper part of clothing.
Currently, rompers became very popular, you can see the different versions of the practical clothes in different fashion collections and the most elegant celebrities. Despite the fact, though comparable fashion recently sent interest at the option of clothes, overalls prototypes emerged in the Middle Ages. In those days, conjoint odezhku dressed touring artists, acrobats, clowns and royal expert alchemist. For fakirs and clowns holistic suit was conditional pledge of safety and comfort rooms and perform complex tricks, without restricting their movement. For scientists, alchemists suit played a completely different role, characterized by more esoteric than practical. It supposes that one-piece suit promotes and helps in the development of the energy flow in the body that promotes the best development potential of magical power.

-Children's Wardrobe
The basic wardrobe of everyday people jumpsuit emerged around the eighteenth century. The only thing that he had not worn the adults and kids. Reputable people of noble origin could order a tailor holistic costumes from beautiful satin, silk fabrics. Ordinary people of this kind odezhka children was unreachable.

-Operating Uniforms

The vast popularity and recognition jumpsuit was in the nineteenth century among miners. Arose thanks to the famous American with Jewish roots Levi Strauss and his company, famous for today the company «Levi Strauss». In 1853, during the hours of the gold rush in America, the businessman made a strong suit of the fabric, which was intended for tents. It was created specifically for this jumpsuit gold miners, which is continuously subjected to mechanical wear pants to his knees. In 1870, Levi Strauss for undertaking, at all its factories started mass production of overalls, working only with an appointment. They were sewn from the latest denim and were so comfortable and practical, it instantly gained popularity among the workers, farmers and cowboys. The abundance of pockets, fairly loose cut product, practicality and durability of the fabric, the ability to qualitatively vystiryvat overalls - were the main factors of the staggering success. Since 1911, overalls began to produce many garment factories of America. In every way they have tried to improve the product and supplied it with various pockets for convenience and practicality. The origins of the twentieth century is still an open suit occurred as beachwear for men.

The so-called evolution and path snowsuit from origin to the present time, we will continue in the next article.
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