Material for the children's and teen clothing

All parents want to see the children healthy and beautiful. But not every fabric is suitable for children's clothing. What is beautiful does not mean harmless. Particular attention should be paid to the clothing for the tiny - newborns. Fabrics and materials for children's clothing is desirable to take natural.

Diapers, vests, sliders and other items of children's clothes can be made from cotton. Organic cotton fades quickly, and often have to be washed, so alternative is a mixture of cotton fiber knitted fabric.

Close relatives are cotton and cotton flannel. It is good quality fabric, do not cause allergic reactions.
For summer suit made of linen products. They are beautiful in their skin is easy to breathe. Their only negative - such fabric creases.
Interlock is suitable for winter. In these clothes baby will be comfortable and warm. It is soft and does not hinder movement.
Suits, blouses, jackets, wool is not only warm in the cold, but also practical to wear.

Velour is used more for cold days. In addition, the fabric looks very nice and elegant, it is soft and comfortable for the baby.

Acrylic - artificial fabrics, does not cause allergic reactions and is suitable for winter clothing.
Yet there are a number of limitations:
Do not use coarse denim fabrics for children's clothing that will rub the skin;
You also can not choose fabrics for outerwear, in which a large thermal conductivity - they will be cold. You can use the fleece or synthetic lining, if they do not come into contact with the body of the child;
It is undesirable to use synthetic fibers - nylon, nylon, Dacron. These materials can be used only for finishing outerwear.

And the most important rule when choosing clothes for the children. Good stuff is more expensive. You can not save on children. From clothes depends on their health.