How to dry down jacket?

When it became necessary, when you have made your washing winter jacket ("down jacket") Next comes the drying step. Let's see how it is necessary to dry winter jacket child.

Let's start with the fact that dry "jacket" should be no more than two days, according to experts. At the same time it is necessary to occasionally shake in order to return the amount of goods and stretch crumpled fluff. The temperature during drying should be moderate - room. Child down jacket can be dried indoors and outdoors, for example on the balcony. But you must remember that the temperature is very drying effect on products such as down jackets. This is especially true drying jackets with natural filler - down and pen - if the temperature is high, feather and down lose their elasticity and become brittle.

Just have to see to what position you dry jacket. Many products hang on a hanger - that's fine, but you need to periodically check that the product is not "gone" from the shoulders, because the product is deformed and it will be difficult to recover the original appearance. Therefore, an excellent option is drying laying a jacket on a flat surface.

And if you want to quickly dry the "jacket", use the washing machine. The main thing that it was equipped with a function of the spin without water. By product you need to add a couple of tennis balls and turn the washing machine on the spin rate of the minimum. And more importantly, in this embodiment drying - a tennis ball is not ping-pong table.