Evolution and path snowsuit

Evolution and path snowsuit on the way epochs of history from the time of origin

In a previous article we wrote about the irreplaceable practicality and comfort snowsuit, as well as about the history of the origin of overalls. In this article we will discuss about the way of evolution since the emergence of overalls today.
Popularity of global scale overtaken overalls, unfortunately associated with melancholy and sad events, and specifically, with the outbreak of World War II. In this unenviable era they have not been popular in the wardrobe army uniforms, but they dressed and happily worn by women working in England at the enterprises and factories producing the weapons range. In a military uniform for overalls for the first time tested the fighters of the Commune during the civil battle in Spain. In the interval between the First and Second World Wars overalls recognized favorite clothing aviators. Pilots adapt pretty quickly this option clothes to suit your needs.
Yet this kind of clothing began to use in the sport swimmers and athletes. In one thousand thirties in many in many European countries we have remembered about a French tailoring experiment of the eighteenth century, and began to produce overalls in the status of children's clothing from the manufacturer. The variety of models for girls added various ruches and bows. Initially overalls straps were only summer clothes for children, but later began to produce the closed winter models. Due to the emergence and recognition at the end of one thousand nine hundred thirties zipper, this category of clothes really caught on in the children's wardrobe, becoming a comfortable one, including the smallest. In the Soviet Union the production of suits for children started a decade later, when using sewing as a base material and sintepon Bologna.

-Military equipment

During World War II, overalls could be seen in an army uniform bulk of armies, including the Soviet and nemetskaya.Prinimaya into account that different arms of the service urgently require different features clothes, overalls began to adaptation to the most diverse needs. As a result, the model began to emerge options for pilots, tank crews, airborne (parachute models), and even for the infantry. Concluding almost always carried out in camouflage colors. There have been special winter overalls snow-white color. Soviet soldiers are used, among other things, universal bilateral overalls with sides of white and greenish rastsvetok.Dlya Russian army overalls churns standard variety. Different type of troops had several options such clothes that were still summer and winter. In all kinds of weather conditions in a number of different climate zones perform tasks - such a measure was important.

-The Second World War was a specific propaganda overalls, presenting them as a convenient and reliable form of clothing.

In the fifties of the twentieth century in the world I started the race a variety of weapons. Overalls found it a functional role: they have started to make of the latest materials such as latex. Traditionally, the model used in the form of jumpsuits whole special chemical protection suit, as they were characterized for environmental cleaning work or perform tasks with himikatami.O role, practicality and comfort snowsuit in the modern world, we will tell you in the next and final article on the origin and path snowsuit history from the time of occurrence of the present.
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