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Winter overalls

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Set "Foot" is made of raincoat fabric (Canada) and consists of a jacket and a bib. The length of the pant legs and sleeves can be adjusted with the help of the lapel, length of the straps of the bib is also adjustable. The jacket set is decorated with patch pockets in the form of a little kit..
34.50 USD
In stock
The main fabric - plaschevka. The suit used silikonizirovannyj padding polyester and fleece. The pants insulation is present. Natural fur fox. The hood and fur unfastened. Pants down fixes gum. The sleeves presentedin cuff. ..
25.00 USD 20.00 USD
In stock
The main fabric - plaschevka Memory. The jacket insulation used silikonizirovannyj padding polyester and fleece. The pants insulation padding polyester siliconized. Artifical Fur - lamb. The hood and fur suit unfastened. Bottom pants additionally fixes gum. ..
27.50 USD
Not available
Winter suit "Princess" made of fabric plaschevka (Lac). The jacket is used siliconized padding polyester and fleece. Natural fur - Fox. The hood and fur detachable. Bottom pants additionally fixes gum. Sleeves presentedin cuffs, doves acrylic. On belt Golden buckle. ..
34.00 USD
Not available
The fur is natural - pesets. The hood and fur unfastened. Bottom pants additionally fixes gum. The sleeves presentedin cuff. ..
32.50 USD
Not available

Warm snowsuit from the manufacturer - Angeli.R


Winter is a great time of year, beloved by many kids of all ages. Frost! Fresh crisp air, the trees, and everywhere are plausible white caps of snow! A lot of happy holidays, the opportunity to play in different fun games, gambling and fun in the snow, build snow barricades and fortresses, roll and sculpt all sorts of snowmen, to drive on skis, skates, snowmobiles, boats - exciting and fun time  for clean, fresh air has been and will remain the best method of quenching the physical formation and development of children.
Yes, just walk, walk, breathe the fresh winter air - a must in a correct and healthy development of our children.

Multifunctional children's outerwear, designed by our production plants with the climate of our area and characteristic features of children is a key factor and the vector directions for use and safety above winter fun. Snowsuit - strong favorites in the class of children's clothing.


High Quality snowsuits for children


To the child in the freezing winter was comfortable and warm, the production company "Angeli.R" realizes with its own production of more than twenty options of quality children's winter overalls for girls children's winter jackets at wholesale prices. We manufacture children's outerwear reliably protects children from all the whimsical moments weather: icy frost, sleet, biting wind. Water resistant material prevents tissue snowsuit wet. Your schoolgirl or doshkolnitsa, dressed in ordinary, sensible and fashionable winter rompers, guaranteed not to be chilled even in the dead of winter. Buy baby winter jackets and winter suits for girls and boys most comfortable we have own manufacture at wholesale price.

-Shop children's outerwear "Angeli.R" - profitable, attractive and comfortable!
Buy rompers winter - benign means to purchase children's outerwear that's guaranteed will allow Your child to fully enjoy in the winter, for a long period of time outdoors, playing with peers and friends in a fun game. Models winter rompers for girls not only protect from the cold and bad weather, and provide and guarantee freedom of movement comfortable.
-Advantages of children's clothing production "Angeli.R"

Excellent performance materials to conserve heat when not afraid of no frost, no piercing wind. Amazing performance ventilation by not biting a wind, no moisture permeability, and increased frost resistance.
Lightweight and considered in the cut snowsuit for toddlers unconditional guarantee comfort wear.


Snowsuit from the manufacturer


snowsuit from the manufacturer quickly and comfortably remove and put on.  
Our company is a manufacturer of children's clothing in Ukraine!
To buyers and clients, we always treat with reverent love and deep respect!
Open to long, promising, mutually beneficial relationship!

Childrens clothing wholesale from the manufacturer in Ukraine
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