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Children's winter clothes

Jacket Charlotte New
Winter jacket for girls "Charlotte" Available to order with or without belt. Wholesale price: jacket 690 hryvnias without a belt, a belt can be ordered separately for 35 hryvnias. ..
36.00 USD
Winter jacket "Sheldon" Out Of Stock
Winter long jacket for boys "Sheldon". The main fabric is plashevka (canada). Lining: microfleece / satin. Heater - silicone. Opuska is an artificial fur. In the product there are 5 functional pockets, 3 pockets with a zipper and 2 patches on a velcro. The shoulder line and partly the..
37.50 USD
Children's winter clothes

Baby winter clos is an important part of purchases from each parent. Winter is coming and children need warm clothing, and such that did not cause allergies, well-kept warm, was comfortable to wear, had all necessary pockets, easily fastened, etc. It is with such difficulties facing modern parents.

Our online shop has selected for you most relevant model of modern winter clothing for children, as well as a number of tips that will allow you to choose right model.

Main features of selection of children's winter clos

From child depends on only one thing – how much he would like one or or model exclusively externally. It is unlikely your little versed in intricacies of insulation. To restrict its choice of model in color and style is not necessary, as parent of anor task – to choose most warm and comfortable clos.

First and most critical question is type of materials of winter clos for kids. Today, winter clothing is made eir from natural materials or from syntic fabrics. Of syntic fabrics are most popular batting. However, all faster it loses its relevance in present-day climatic conditions just can not cope with ir tasks. Polyester fiber jacket, for example, quickly lose ir appearance – material inside is taken lumps, ceases to hold heat, etc.

If you opted for winter clos of syntic materials, it is necessary to trust more innovative materials, izosoft, hollofayber, Thinsulate, etc., of course, contains padding, however, is a new generation and radically new quality.

From natural materials are most actual fears, animal fur. Here choice is yours – each of materials has, in principle, practically same rmal and strength characteristics.

take into account wear conditions

Your child is not quite comfortable in clothing, which is designed, for example, minus twenty degrees, and most of winter was held at a temperature close to zero. In this case, you should choose clos that are in freezing temperatures perfectly retain heat, and higher will not heat clos to no comfort baby.

Take note that heater does not heat and warm us air cavity inside it that heat up and n give us ir warmth. Expect winter clothing, which shows temperature readings from minus ten to minus forty degrees. It is in such clos child will be most comfortable in any wear.

But forget a very important detail for baby's comfort is important, as in childhood all kids maximum mobility. Whatever jacket warm, it is important to choose a model that does not restrict movement of child, pressed him in different parts of body.

Range of our online store

our online store presents original and high-quality models of children's winter clos:

  • coat, jacket, down jackets, overalls and many or models;
  • opportunity to choose a winter wardrobe in original colors, with interesting inscriptions and motifs;
  • in our catalog you will find any sizes for your child, suitable to a specific age.

Winter children's clos in Ukraine are presented in our online store from best manufacturers. We offer only highest quality and affordable model. To order a winter jacket, coat or puffs can be delivered to any city of country, and to pay for item in any convenient way.