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Children's and teen coats

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Park "Duncan" made of high-quality and wear-resistant raincoat fabrics for parkas (Alaska). This is the perfect solution for cool evenings. The Park comes with a drawstring at the waist allowing you to adjust the volume. The product with built-in hood, zip closure, hidden placket and six fu..
360.00 грн
In stock
Stylish summer workshops "Music" made of light cotton. This model is an indispensable thing in the wardrobe of a teenager for a fresh summer evening or a rainy cool day. Park free cut, the sleeve can be worn as in long form,and rolled to 3/4. Back parks are decorated with fashionable ..
340.00 грн
In stock
Main fabric - waterproof fabric. Lining tricot (cooler). In the sleeves the lining is satin.   ..
345.00 грн 230.00 грн
In stock
Main fabric - plaschevka. Lining knit (kulir). In the sleeves the lining is satin. The hood is not detachable. The product contains zippered pockets. On the sides of the sleeves are three strips of the main fabric. The bottom of the coats and sleeves fixed cuffs. ..
320.00 грн 230.00 грн
In stock
Main fabric - waterproof fabric, also used a print of a rose. Lining tricot (cooler). In the sleeves the lining is satin. ..
320.00 грн 230.00 грн
In stock
The main fabric is waterproof fabric. Lining tricot (cooler). In the sleeves the lining is satin. ..
340.00 грн
In stock
The main fabric is waterproof fabric. Lining tricot (cooler). In the sleeves the lining is satin. The hood is not detachable. ..
330.00 грн 220.00 грн
In stock
Windbreaker - Park "Safari" (Lac). This product contains four pockets. Waist with drawstring, cotton drawstring. Sleeve cuff with elastic band. The hood is not detachable. The inner part of the hood and sleeves are made from raincoat fabric - lacquer, camouflage print military (importan..
345.00 грн 220.00 грн
In stock
Fabric - plaschevka. Lining knit (kulir). In the sleeves the lining is satin. On the sleeves and at the bottom of the product used cuffs on elastic. Used in the windbreaker pockets. The hood is not detachable. ..
280.00 грн 220.00 грн
In stock
Spring windbreaker Brenda from producer. Warp - plaschevka. Lining products - satin. On the product pockets, sleeves and the hood of the jersey. Releasing the hood is not provided. Below it is possible to delay the product.   ..
260.00 грн
In stock
230.00 грн
In stock
Jackets for devochky without uteplytelya. Season spring - autumn. The basic woven - plashchevki. Lining - jersey ..
250.00 грн
Not available

Fashion children's jackets from manufacturer

came the beautiful spring time of the year - a time of renewal and a period of prosperity.
If sisters have a chance to happily settle for Sunny and warm days, they are caring parents the arrival of the next season, the new season brings the hassle and worries associated with the need to pick up fresh clothes for their children.

Any parents are on guard of health of their children and all sorts of ways trying to protect them from colds. But in early spring, and sometimes with the arrival of any cold cyclone when the weather outside is quite fickle, treacherous and cunning, when the rain replaced the sun and the wind are replaced by perfectly calm weather, what to do in such times? To cancel walk - not ideal. So, you must find other methods of protection from inclement weather. Children's jackets wholesale from the manufacturer for girls, boys totally and completely suitable to achieve these goals. The name of this type of clothing shows what responsibilities children's windbreaker will do, namely, to protect from wind and cold. Specifically, in a consequence, such models are primarily made from waterproof materials: nylon, polyester, different membrane fabrics, which have water-repellent characteristics and output excess moisture.

Where to buy children's jackets wholesale from the manufacturer?

Probably, especially difficult if it goes about young fashionistas, because in this case important important considered in addition to comfort and quality , the more prestigious the trends of fashion, it is absolutely no secret that the era of monotony, dullness and uniformity are long gone into oblivion and are now among the contrast and diversity of children's clothing I want and have the opportunity to choose a garment that would be truly special.  All the above parameters completely meets children's outerwear "Angeli.R", thorough information and feedback on where you have the opportunity to read on the website of our production company. We are absolutely confident, in fact possible to simplify this task, and our diverse lineup of spring children's clothing, original jackets for girls and boys undoubtedly will surprise you. Not the superfluous will notice that the spring kids jackets, spring and all the baby clothes your children can wear and fall  because spring and autumn children's clothing is no different, because we combined these items into a single directory of children's clothes for spring and autumn.

of Course, that children's clothes were high quality and completely harmless for all probable characteristics, also, it is worth to notice unusual quality, which has children's clothes, online store "Angeli.R".  

Deciding to buy a children's jacket for girl in Odessa, Kharkiv, Kyiv, Khmelnytskyi, or another city of Ukraine, you naturally will try to keep this children's windbreaker or other spring or autumn children clothes served to your child as it is possible longer. What measures should be taken to achieve the desired result? If children's windbreaker or winter jacket is made of quality materials that were used, the location of contamination is enough to wipe with a damp sponge. The most serious contamination can be overcome with the support of a usual soap solution. Do not neglect to carefully study the label recommendations, which hemmed in the product. If a valid machine wash, use the option of washing in a delicate cycle and the water temperature is not more than 30 degrees.
Cozy and informative to spend time on the street now can each child, due to this children's outerwear, namely, children's windbreaker for boys and girls for spring and autumn!

Childrens clothing wholesale from the manufacturer in Ukraine
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