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Children's sports suits

The costume "Donna" is a stylish choice for walking and outdoor activities. The red inner hood, central snake, breast pocket, lanterns and hood regulation tape give the costumes a special expressiveness. Made of soft knitwear (two-stranded) with silk-screen printing. ..
18.50 USD
Pleasure Suit "Molly" is made of knitwear (two-sided) The suit has four functional pockets and a zipper closure. With the help of tricolor lamp from sequins, as well as applications, the costume looks colorful and super fashionable. ..
22.00 USD
Tracksuit for girls "Star". The main fabric is knitwear. The stars are made with eco-leather (silver). Around the stars are sewn beads. The jacket has two patch pockets and two pockets on the pants. ..
16.00 USD
Tracksuit for girls "Gucci". The main fabric is velor (jeans). There are two pockets on the jacket and trousers. On sleeves, pockets on a jacket and lateral seams of trousers there is a knitted braid of high quality. ..
15.50 USD
Stella walking suit made of knitted fabrics (two-sided). The contrasting inner hood and trousers of the suit are combined with knurling on a jacket of blue and silver stars. The suit has four functional pockets, a zipper and a hood. ..
17.50 USD
1 reviews
Stylish walking suit made of velvet fabric "Helga". The suit has four functional pockets, a zippered fastener and a hood with a curtain. At the bottom of the sweatshirts and sleeves, contrasting cuffs in a strip. On the side of the trousers and sleeves are white stripes made from a ribbon r..
21.00 USD
Tracksuit "Ears" for girls of preschool age. The main fabric is knitwear (double knit). Decoration-paillettes. ..
14.75 USD
1 reviews
"Dustin" - sports a suit of sturdy two colors. Fashion dictates the direction and from his account we create our collection. Suit "Dustin" is a bright confirmation to: embossed stitching, contrast panels and snake - trend this season. The suit four functional pockets, zip and hood. ..
19.50 USD
Sports suit "Luther" Out Of Stock
Sports suit for a boy. Size range: 34/36/38/40/42 Fabric: Two-thread knit suit. Design: Finishing details of the suit: inner hood, cuffs, stripes on the sleeves and side seams of the pants also from black knitwear "two-thread". On a jacket two patch pockets "a kangaroo". Pants als..
21.00 USD
Fabric knitwear - dvunitka. On the blouse and pants are used patches of sequins fabric, which is treated braid from sturdy. (patches attached). The collar and cuffs on the jacket knitwear - rebana. There are pockets in the reliefs. On the pants side pockets on the belt. The scenes with ..
18.00 USD
The suit is "Orchid" is made of knit (dvunitka). The sleeves and bottom of sweater cuffed. The suit four functional pockets, zip and hood. ..
15.50 USD
Tracksuit "Dandelion" is made from knit (dvunitka) and are designed for younger students. The shelf is decorated with dandelion knurling and a pocket clip in the reliefs. ..
12.50 USD
Children's sports suits

Tracksuits for children and adolescents from the manufacturer


As you know, children naturally by nature inexhaustible and irrepressible energy source, which these dear and beloved creation to share in a variety of active amusements, sports activities, or simply walks in the fresh air. They always have an overwhelming desire to run around all day, jumping, playing, if it is favorable weather. So many parents try to choose their children a children's sportswear to their child felt more comfortable in any situation.


More favorable option of children's clothing for walking and a variety of entertainment is considered tracksuit. In addition, children's sports suits wholesale from the manufacturer will be basic in the wardrobe of baby clothes if Your child attends preschool, is a student or goes to the sports section or any children's club.    


Buy wholesale kids knit tracksuit manufactured quite a painstaking and deliberate process. All parents know that the sports suits for children from low-quality fabrics and synthetics will not bring any joy to children, and even more benefits. Children's bodies are too sensitive, so responds quickly to low-quality materials if they are part of children's sportswear. This may cause an exacerbation of negative trends in the health of the baby, and even allergies, so children's sports suits are required to be made exclusively from high quality materials.


Company "Angeli.R" with its own production is a comprehensive collection of sports children's costumes for boys and girls that will allow You to choose the most unique models for home walks, fun on fresh air, visits to sports clubs and for other different occasions.

shop baby sports clothes "Angeli.R" is a place where You can easily find the children's sports suits from high quality fabrics and knits, which are pleasant to the body, do not shed and are great worn. The child will be very happy, because this sport wear is scrupulous stitches, no rubbing, not too tight or causing discomfort.

Made from modern fabrics children's sports suits allow ease and comfort in wear as the Jersey is considered among the leading comfortable fabrics and a perfect option for creating children's sportswear. These knitted fabrics of unsurpassed showed himself in application, thanks to the wonderful appearance and excellent elastic characteristics.


Choosing children's clothes for their own child, parents always have a chance to rely on the quality of our manufactured children's sportswear that will always show support for our boys and girls always stayed happy and active!

Presented a production enterprise "Angeli.R" sports costumes correspond to the last most popular genres and trends. The introduction of extraordinary colors and advanced materials in the manufacture of sportswear makes sports suits for girls and boys, bright and attractive.

Where to buy qualitative children's clothes from the manufacturer?


Manufacturers of our company has done everything possible to make our boys and girls growing up in high-quality sportswear. Buy wholesale baby sport suits our manufacturing facility and arrange the daily life of the baby more comfortable and convenient.

Buy wholesale baby sport suit in Kyiv, Khmelnytskyi, Kharkiv or with a courier service in Odessa, Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhia, Chernihiv, Vinnytsia, Zhytomyr, Lviv, Poltava, Kirovograd, Ivano-Frankivsk and other cities of Ukraine in our online store.