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Stylish school skirt and pants from the manufacturer in Ukraine

Skirt is made of neoprene tesanogo geometric pattern. Belt knit "diving" on the band. The bow dress is made of stretch cotton and decorated with elegant brooch. ..
9.00 USD
As regulated by the waist elastic rubber band (can be adjusted independently.) Combining fabrics Madonna + satin. The main fabric of the Madonna (polyester, wool, viscose), processing atlas ..
6.75 USD
3 reviews
Fabric Memory Cato. 80% cotton, 20% polyester. For belt double bow. On the back elastic waistband. ..
6.00 USD
Stylish school skirt and pants from the manufacturer in Ukraine

Selection of children's skirts and pants

School kid's pants and skirts is a mandatory part of the costume. They child will look trendy and stylish. Small children, adolescents, characterized by a lack of discipline. They find it difficult to sit in school, it is difficult not to disrupt the learning process, but children can make concessions, if not to limit their desires.

Children at this age have their own tastes, they know what they like, and understand what is beautiful and what is not. Accordingly, giving the child a choice, he will want to wear what he likes.

Girls can wear skirts, and pants. If the girl does not want to wear a skirt, it is not necessary to get it, because there is a huge variety of nice, elegant trousers. Children's skirts and pants from the manufacturer – this is a great option to look beautiful at an affordable price. The advantages of shopping in bulk at a reasonable price for the excellent quality.


Types of school skirts

Among the items for children are very popular these skirt styles:
•    pleated, characterized by the presence of a large number of small folds, which are not damaged;
•    the sun, the style of this product so called because of the cloth cut a circle in the shape of a sun with a cutout to the waist, this skirt is quite flared and very sweet;
•    Tulip, named after the flower because its design similar to it.

Children's skirts from the manufacturer are distinguished by the presence of decoration, often used fabric ribbons, ribbons and more. But you can find quite strict choices, concise, with no additional elements.


Types of trousers

School bags wholesale is a great way to make the child beautiful. They are an irreplaceable element of the costume, for girls and for boys. Pants are comfortable because they are warm, comfortable, they are practical and quite versatile as it can be suitable not only for school, and for any occasion.

Baby pants manufacturer presented a variety of options. They are a classic or more modern, pleated and straight, button-down or shut. Difficult to choose, because even among the classic options are there notable differences, pocket of a different size or in another place creates a completely new design.


Fashion kids pants and skirts wholesale

Children in the clothing business look beautiful. They are neat and cute, serious and business like adults, but with his children's ease. To force a child to wear a uniform not just when they grow, develop and find their own taste, difficult to impose someone else's opinion. Nevertheless, virtually every child must go to school in a special form for the school.

Kids pants and skirts wholesale are a wide range. Among them you can choose things in season, for example, in winter it is better to choose trousers, and spring – skirt.

Girls have more ways to look fashionable, because both kinds of products available to them.

Depending on the age you can select things with the decor. Little girls can wear skirts with bows, big and beautiful, all the older girls choose skirts and pants are more strict.

Of course, it is impossible to follow fashion constantly, if the child is some thing, you can choose a similar style further. The more fashionable something beautiful. Sometimes you have to trust kids to choose, they know what they like.

To buy skirts or trousers wholesale at producer prices. Choosing from high-quality items at a reasonable price, it remains only to choose the right cut and decor. Sometimes this is to trust the person who will be a similar thing to wear. Children of any school age are stylish and elegant in business attire with better pants or skirts.