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School uniform

Dress "Mary" made from suiting fabric (Madonna). It is a beautiful and elegant school uniforms. The hem of the dress and sleeves are decorated with perforation. Petticoat of cotton with a ruffle of tulle give the dress a moderate splendor. ..
13.50 USD
The dress is a shirt made of cotton. The product is decorated with patch pockets with a warehouse, at the waist is regulated by a belt, in the side seams there are pockets, on the side there are small incisions, on the back there is a detached coquette. A feature of this product is its versat..
14.00 USD
The dress "Deborah" is made of denim fabric (without a print, with a large star and a small star). The eyelets confidently entered the fashion of the spring-summer season 2018. They became the main accent of the "Deborah" dress. The eyelets on the sides and on the front are decorated with eye..
17.50 USD
The "Style" model is made of a shirt fabric in a cage. The product is decorated with overhead breast pockets and knurled (newspaper) on the back. Shirt in a cage at the peak of popularity this season. It is worn as an independent product, and paired with a T-shirt or T-shirt, as with jeans,..
12.25 USD
Sarafan "Hawaii" is made of fabric in stripes (with and without print). This product will emphasize the romanticism of young beauties and as never before, will please with its lightness and airiness on hot summer days. The product is decorated with a curly coquette with a ruche on the chest a..
11.50 USD
Dress - shirt - one more "must have" this season. And the dress - the shirt "Galaxy" just has to be in the wardrobe of a stylish girl. The product is made of denim fabric and decorated with cropped shoulders and a pocket of braid. The sleeve can be locked in a holster or worn as a classic s..
16.00 USD
Blouse "Ninel" is made of chiffon. The product is decorated with a short sleeve-cut-off with ruches, and also a v-shaped insert with a ruche. Model cute, tender, airy. ..
9.75 USD
Blouse "Camilla" is made of shirts. The model is stylish and designed for a teenage age group. You can wear it with classic clothes (school version) and with jeans (urban style). The back of the product is decorated with a cut-off yoke, the barrel is shifted to the shelf and decorated with ..
12.75 USD
Blouse "Milady" is made of chiffon. The wand and back are decorated with cut-off coquette with ruffles, as does the ruffle adorns the bottom of the sleeve. Lining front panel of delicate viscose. The product on the girl looks very romantic. ..
12.75 USD
Blouse "Businka" is made of a shirt fabric. The model is laconic and gentle. The sleeve of the product is decorated with ruches and a ribbon ribbon with a bow, a shelf with pearlescent beads, a buckle behind the button. ..
6.25 USD
The blouse "Amina" is made of cotton. The product of a complex cut, very stylish and designed for teens who are tired of traditional shirts. The blouse is fastened behind the button. Decorated with sewn dragonflies. On the shelf, detachable coquette and cutaway bottom, on the back a detac..
12.50 USD
Blouse "Adele" - another product that will conquer the extraordinary teenagers, eager to stand out from the crowd. The blouse is made of soft cloth. The back of the product goes to the shelf and is decorated with a button. The blouse at the back is fastened. The back of the backrest is el..
8.50 USD
School uniform

Stylish school uniforms from the manufacturer - Angeli.R

All the caring parents are present desire and effort to their beloved girls and boys looked beautiful, fashionable and neat, after all, a form for school wholesale from the manufacturer - an essential attribute in the wardrobe of children's clothes. Of course, children's school suits, school dresses and tunics is very nice, however how to pick up a form for school that will look great, comfortable to wear, unpretentious in maintenance, well washed and this almost not hit on the family budget? For buyers who correctly assess the correlation of the highest quality and the best price, there is an Internet children's clothing store, where everyone has the opportunity to find inexpensive unique uniforms for boys and girls wholesale from the manufacturer that will offer reasonable price and timely low-cost delivery of not only parents but also child will be happy to put on new clothes of good-quality natural fabrics that will perfectly fit the body shape and add confidence in communicating with peers and achieve new heights in learning.

School clothes from the manufacturer

Great offer and production enterprise "Angeli.R" for owners of shops, marketplaces, for entrepreneurs who opens or opened a business, the direction of which is to sell children's clothing. If you have the need and actual demand offer school uniforms for boys and girls wholesale, you turned it at.
School uniform today, modeled and manufactured to stringent criteria of the European fashion trends and practical comfort designers, fashion designers and designers of our manufacturing facility that will not leave indifferent even the most scrupulous buyer.

 Our production company offers a collaborative work of the members of parental committees of schools, student leaders, Directors of educational institutions, wholesale customers and offers mutually beneficial terms. The staff of our company has the ability and will be happy to assist you in the activities of supply uniforms individual classrooms and schools as a whole.


Manufacturers of school uniforms

the Highest quality and advanced technology.
The patterns are designed and developed keeping in mind the characteristics of the figure and physique girls and students;
The use of high quality fabrics with the usual care and high resistance to wear;
Inimitable design, which take into account the regulation of the completeness and unsurpassed fit into absolutely any shape;
Innovative models of school uniform and extensive range.
The versatility and progressiveness of models: they are wonderful both separately and in the set;
The production of stripes (chevrons) with the logo of the institution;
Comfortable dimensional grid, which easily allows to determine the size;
The choice of color palette;

Production of elegant coats and jackets;
the School trousers and skirts from the wholesale manufacturer;
Blouse for girls schools.

a Systematic inventory of fabrics and materials, allowing to supply uniforms wholesale shopping malls and business entities of various trade sectors throughout the year;
Profitable and easily accessible price, the optimal ratio of price and quality.