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Sale of children's clothes

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Main fabric (Canada). Lining - satin. The product contains four functioning pockets. The hood is not detachable. At the bottom of the sleeves inner cuffs with dawasa. The model "Cool Boy" can be ordered in two versions: with a stripe or without stripe n the back. ..
26.00 USD 12.50 USD
In stock
Bright winter jacket "Cher" will delight young fashionistas extravagant. The product is made from high quality stretch kozhvinila in gold and silver colors. The product is decorated with bright lightning. The highlight of this jacket is the hood, which can be worn as a hood, or as ..
27.50 USD 19.00 USD
In stock
Main fabric (Canada). Lining fabric - nylon. Finish - knitwear. The hood is detachable. The coat has two functioning pockets. On the crown of the hood, bottom and sleeve products sewn on tapes sturdy. On the sleeves of the braid made the picture in the form of wings. The product is ..
28.00 USD 16.50 USD
In stock
Кaincoat fabric Insulation - sintepon. Lining - sateen. Wide hood is not detachable. At the bottom on the sides of the product-tightening. ..
19.50 USD 12.50 USD
In stock
The main fabric - plaschevka. Lining - satin. Insulation - silikonizirovannyj sintepon. ..
22.00 USD 10.00 USD
In stock
The main fabric is waterproof fabric. The lining is satin. Insulation - polyester batting. This product uses high-quality knurling cartoon character Monster high. ..
21.00 USD 10.00 USD
In stock
Transformer jacket for girls. This product unfastened the lower part of the sleeves and the hood. In the Additional photos Recommend how to wear this model. The main fabric - plaschevka. Insulation silikonizirovannyj sintepon. Lining - satin. ..
23.00 USD 15.00 USD
In stock
The jacket "55" detachable sleeves and hood. Lining - satin. Under the grid 55 in the figures used application ..
24.50 USD 15.00 USD
In stock
Jacket transformer, which detachable bottoms product (the snake). The main fabric additionally used print - rose. Insulation. Lining - satin. The hood is detachable. The bar on the product used secret keys. ..
24.50 USD 14.00 USD
In stock
Top - plaschevka Lak. Lining - satin. Insulation - sintepon siliconsamurai. The hood is not detachable. Central zipper go to the hood. ..
15.00 USD 10.00 USD
In stock
Main fabric - waterproof fabric. Lining tricot (cooler). In the sleeves the lining is satin.   ..
17.25 USD 11.50 USD
In stock
Main fabric - waterproof fabric, also used a print of a rose. Lining tricot (cooler). In the sleeves the lining is satin. ..
16.00 USD 11.50 USD
In stock

Sale of children's clos is always an opportunity for parents and ir kids to buy branded wardrobe at very low prices. It's really nice to get a high quality branded item at affordable, very affordable price. Our online children's clothing store starts its sale, any attributes for children at special discount prices. Do not miss opportunity to dress stylish, high quality, fashionable and affordable.

Closeout children's clothing in Ukraine: our offers

Do not think that our online store is having a sale of things that have lost ir visual appeal, lost as or God forbid, was used. No, our sale of children's clos is a regular seasonal discounts on products that are left from past collections. Here you can find a wide range for any child's wardrobe.

Here are some interesting categories of our sales.

Our online store is constantly expanding range of proposals offered for sale. Here you can easily find desired product and buy it at a special price.

Closeout children's clothing: offers of our online store

Our cooperation with Ukrainian customers and visitors to our country – always profitable, reliable and comfortable. We offer following conditions for purchase of children's clos:

Our Internet shop of children's clos regularly conducts such sales of children's clothing in Ukraine. We strive to give our customers choice of modern children's clothing in high-quality models at special discount prices.

Sale of children's clos will enable parent and child to buy an original and stylish jackets, skirts, shirts, blouses, t-shirts, jeans and dozens of kinds of stylish and modern wardrobe. As noted above, any ordered product we will deliver quickly and on time. 

Childrens clothing wholesale from the manufacturer in Ukraine
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