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Summer clothing

Stylish summer workshops "Music" made of light cotton. This model is an indispensable thing in the wardrobe of a teenager for a fresh summer evening or a rainy cool day. Park free cut, the sleeve can be worn as in long form,and rolled to 3/4. Back parks are decorated with fashionable ..
17.00 USD
The dress is a shirt made of cotton. The product is decorated with patch pockets with a warehouse, at the waist is regulated by a belt, in the side seams there are pockets, on the side there are small incisions, on the back there is a detached coquette. A feature of this product is its versat..
14.00 USD
The dress "Deborah" is made of denim fabric (without a print, with a large star and a small star). The eyelets confidently entered the fashion of the spring-summer season 2018. They became the main accent of the "Deborah" dress. The eyelets on the sides and on the front are decorated with eye..
17.50 USD
The "Style" model is made of a shirt fabric in a cage. The product is decorated with overhead breast pockets and knurled (newspaper) on the back. Shirt in a cage at the peak of popularity this season. It is worn as an independent product, and paired with a T-shirt or T-shirt, as with jeans,..
12.25 USD
Sarafan "Hawaii" is made of fabric in stripes (with and without print). This product will emphasize the romanticism of young beauties and as never before, will please with its lightness and airiness on hot summer days. The product is decorated with a curly coquette with a ruche on the chest a..
11.50 USD
Dress - shirt - one more "must have" this season. And the dress - the shirt "Galaxy" just has to be in the wardrobe of a stylish girl. The product is made of denim fabric and decorated with cropped shoulders and a pocket of braid. The sleeve can be locked in a holster or worn as a classic s..
16.00 USD
Youth shirt is made of cotton with addition of lycra. The model is extended, the shelf is decorated with sequins pocket. The back is extra long with a detachable yoke cut on the bias. Under the yoke inverted center pleat. ..
12.00 USD
Tunic with leggings -63%
Set tunic and leggings. Fabric - Viscose. Knurled chiffon tunic. ..
8.00 USD 3.00 USD
Summer clothing

Fashion trends summer children's clothing in 2015

We all seem to want a child and look older, adopting parents manners and imitating them in clothing. Growing up, we have tried to instill in their children a love of beauty and form their own style.

This helps us children's summer fashion, and in 2015, it has virtually no differences from the fashion brand for adults. Moreover, all the stylists vying world assert that it is necessary to educate young mod from childhood. Therefore, children's fashion in all respects to be close to the adult.

Military military style, lightweight romantic, sporty, exhilarating marine and casual style - are relevant this summer. The only difference between the rule and the main children's clothing is its naturalness, use only when sewing soft hypoallergenic fabrics. Dresses for little fashionistas should be practical, comfortable and does not restrict movement.

Choice of colors contemporary designers particularly happy. No dark colors this summer, only bright, cheerful, warm colors. The trend in children's things image of heroes favorite cartoon, comic tales.

The most fashionable colors are considered to be green, orange, pink and aquamarine. And, of course, can not do without the beloved cell and strip.

Sultry days of summer girls will look fashionable dresses and sundresses in various ruffles, overhead collars, skirts, sewed of a light airy fabrics. All this will create the image of a little princess. For mobile active little girls designers have found a solution and sewed a lot of pants and straight cut jeans, shorts and capris free.

The boys also this summer will look elegant and intelligent, thanks to trendy shirts in different colors and styles, classic suit. The priority for many years do not go out of fashion trousers free cut, jackets with original buttons and pockets, high top sneakers and unusual prints on the tee shirt. Of course, jeans in different variations, overalls, shorts, combined with any top will look fashionable and stylish.

The success of human life depends on the ability to present themselves, and the kiddies are helping their parents. Style is produced by the action of the formation of good manners and instilled with taste, boys, and girls. How could you not have put the child, the main rule to make it look neat and tidy, and in accordance with age.