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Winter jacket "Eugene"
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Winter jacket "Oliver"
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Winter jacket "Kimberly"
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Baby clothes for boys

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The main fabric is knit. Inserts at the hood, sleeves, jacket and pants is made from high quality eco leather. On the jacket and on the trousers there are pockets. Central zipper jackets (five tractor). ..
350.00 грн
In stock
Park "Duncan" made of high-quality and wear-resistant raincoat fabrics for parkas (Alaska). This is the perfect solution for cool evenings. The Park comes with a drawstring at the waist allowing you to adjust the volume. The product with built-in hood, zip closure, hidden placket and six fu..
360.00 грн
In stock
Main fabric - plaschevka. Lining knit (kulir). In the sleeves the lining is satin. The hood is not detachable. The product contains zippered pockets. On the sides of the sleeves are three strips of the main fabric. The bottom of the coats and sleeves fixed cuffs. ..
320.00 грн 230.00 грн
In stock
The main fabric is waterproof fabric. Lining tricot (cooler). In the sleeves the lining is satin. The hood is not detachable. ..
330.00 грн 220.00 грн
In stock
Windbreaker - Park "Safari" (Lac). This product contains four pockets. Waist with drawstring, cotton drawstring. Sleeve cuff with elastic band. The hood is not detachable. The inner part of the hood and sleeves are made from raincoat fabric - lacquer, camouflage print military (importan..
345.00 грн 220.00 грн
In stock
Fabric - plaschevka. Lining knit (kulir). In the sleeves the lining is satin. On the sleeves and at the bottom of the product used cuffs on elastic. Used in the windbreaker pockets. The hood is not detachable. ..
280.00 грн 220.00 грн
In stock
Jacket "Ralph" is made of high-quality modern waterproof fabric. Lining of durable wear-resistant sateen. Removable hood, zip closure. Model straight cut from two colors of fabric, which is complemented by a practical and functional pockets. Center snap placket covers zip closure. ..
540.00 грн
In stock
Jacket "Austin" is made of high-quality and wear-resistant mantle tissue. Jackets have four functional pockets, a zip closure and a built-in hood with drawstring. The bottom of the jacket in the same yoke, and sleeves with extra long cuffs. Insulation – silicone. Lining – satin. ..
480.00 грн
In stock
Demi jacket for boys "Mike" with detachable sleeves. Top - president. Lining fabric - satin. The hood is detachable. The product contains three functioning pocket. Close with zipper on the pockets of silicone. Central lightning tractor oblique tooth with a proprietary silicone suspens..
530.00 грн
In stock
Jacket "Calvin" is made of high-quality and wear-resistant raincoat fabric (Canada). As insulation used silicone. Lining of durable wear-resistant sateen. Model straight cut with decorative snakes, valves and practical, functional pockets. Hood with visor. At the bottom of the inner sleev..
470.00 грн
In stock
Winter jacket for boys. Main fabric (Canada). The lining is a quality sateen. The sleeves and the middle part of the hood is made with eco-leather. The hood fastens with two buttons. The possibility of release from the product no. ..
550.00 грн
In stock
Main fabric (Canada). Lining - satin. The product contains four functioning pockets. The hood is not detachable. At the bottom of the sleeves inner cuffs with dawasa. The model "Cool Boy" can be ordered in two versions: with a stripe or without stripe n the back. ..
520.00 грн 430.00 грн
In stock

Children clos for boys must meet current fashion, it is unlikely that child will want to wear a solid jacket, same as all t-shirts or plain, boring t-shirt. Our online store offers a wide range of children's clothing for younger and older children.

Features range of clothing for boys

For a child as for an adult, a very important freedom of choice. When child is asked to choose which t-shirt to him to wear white or black, it is unlikely that baby would enjoy it. What to speak about teenagers who are on level of ir peers want to look original.

Our online shop offers a wide variety of categories of clothing for boys:

Kids fashion clos for boys in our online store is wide product selection and reasonable price.


Design variety range of clos for boys

children's clothing for boysClothing for boys and young men must be no less stylish than weak half of planet. This is a big misconception that boys still what to go that only young girls are already from a very early age to diversify my closet. For boys it is not less important what he's wearing, especially when boys become real Teens, almost men.

our online store offers a wide selection of t-shirts that can be worn both in summer and worn under warm clos. Overall, this section presents only one color, however vivid and impressive t-shirt – white, red, green, and many ors. However, clos for adolescent boys should be more original. So we picked a model with interesting applications and illustrations with images of superheroes, cartoon and movie characters, famous characters, depicting various cities of world, a large selection of t-shirts with funky slogans.

outerwear – no less fashionable and stylish in our directory. Here each parent and his son will be able to find and buy original branded models of jackets, jackets, jackets. You can be almost hundred percent sure that school or kindergarten of this jacket or winter jumpsuit similarly, no one will.

Features range of clothing for boys

In catalog clos for all ages – from young children to adults-teenagers. Accordingly, in our online store hicles can find almost any size for any age. For example, clothing for Teens 14 years suitable for height from 159 to 164 centimeters. In General, see size chart on our website. In particular, you can always consult with our managers.

For quality of offered range, our online shop is personally responsible. Each model top or sports clothing meets all quality standards. We only work with brand producers best European firms and companies. 

Childrens clothing wholesale from the manufacturer in Ukraine
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