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Baby clothes for girls

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Park "Militar" is designed for the older teen group, in a size grid 36-44. Heater - silicone. The product has two patch pockets (briefcase) and one breast pocket (slotted with a valve). The hood is not unfastened with a one-piece stand and adjusting the fit with a lace. The waist width is..
29.00 USD
In stock
Coat "Jodi" - made of quality cashmere. Coat with a hood of direct silhouette and has two patch pockets with valves and decorative snakes. One of the pockets is decorated with a keychain, which can be removed if necessary. Contrasting buttons and a patch on the sleeve give the product a spe..
37.00 USD
In stock
Demi-season coat "Margot". Heater - silicone. The hood is unfastened. The product is designed for the older teen group from 36 to 44 size. This model will win young fashionistas with its bright contrast elements in the form of inserts on the valves, a hood lace and strips, as well as an u..
28.00 USD
In stock
Park "Cora". A semi-adjacent silhouette model with a zipper closure that is hidden under the bar. The park has two overhead pockets (briefcase) with valves and two chest pockets - secret. The hood is not unfastened. Adherence of the hood and width of the product at the waist is adjusted w..
25.75 USD
In stock
The jacket "Zarina" is made for the age group from 28 to 36 sizes. The main fabric is plashevka (canada). Lining fabric made of durable, wear-resistant satin. Heater - siliconeized sintepon. The product is laconic, but details in the form of a small rounded cut and contrasting zipper in t..
22.25 USD
In stock
The coat "Silvia" is designed for children's age category from 28 to 36 sizes. The product is made of plashevka (canada) and has a semi-fitted silhouette. The back of the coat is longer than the shelf, in the side seam a small decorative incision is fixed with a hood. The highlight of this ..
24.50 USD
In stock
Jacket - vest "Michel" is made of plashevki (canada). The product is decorated with an asymmetrical bottom. Lining fabric made of durable, wear-resistant satin. At the waist is regulated by the curtain. The hood is unfastened. Pockets with a zipper (metal) are conveniently located. Sl..
26.00 USD
In stock
Jacket for girls "Heart" of preschool age with detachable sleeves. Comfortable and practical, made of high quality material and relevant in the modern world of children's fashion. The main fabric is a matte lacquer. Lining fabric - nylon. Insulation - silicone new generation. The hood i..
19.50 USD
In stock
Jacket "Celine" is made from raincoat fabric - Canada and targeting school age group. The product is decorated with a notched silicone stitch and zipper with an original inscription "Angeli.R". Zippered pockets hidden under a decorative yoke. Hood (not detachable) with tselnokrajnimi collar..
26.00 USD
In stock
Stylish coat "Darcy" is sure to please both parents and girls. The Park is made of quality fabric. On the reverse side of the fabric is sealed with a thin layer of knit. As insulation used silicone. Lining of durable wear-resistant sateen. Used in the manufacture of costly furniture, whic..
32.50 USD
In stock
Demi jacket Asya semifitted silhouette made of mantle tissue "Canada". The product uses insulation made of siliconized padding polyester satin lining fabric. The product has an asymmetrical hem, and is decorated with a notched yoke, pocket flaps and lapel of the hood. On the chest there is ..
23.50 USD
In stock
The main fabric is high quality waterproof fabric (gloria). Finishing fabric (jeans). Lining fabric - satin. The product of two functioning pockets. The hood is not detachable. ..
22.00 USD
In stock

Children clos for girls dramatically different from boyish wardrobe. Both alone and ors want to look fashionable, stylish, memorable. However, selection of styles, design features, sizes and stylishly different from each or. Our online store offers a wide range of clothing for little girls and teenagers, from best brand manufacturers, at most reasonable and affordable prices.

Main features of range

To girls to a greater extent importantly, how large ir selection of clos. Already from very young age young ladies try to be like ir lovely mom to pick up a few pairs of shoes, a few skirts, some denim models. list can be endless, and so soon will present you catalog of our online clothing store for girls:

this is our main range of clothing for girls and teenagers. All necessary models you can buy at affordable and reasonable prices.

varieties of Designer clos for girls

to correctly buy baby clos for girls, consider all her wishes, preferences, tastes. After all, in very small age girls formed ir own ideas about fashion and style. For parents it is very important not to interfere with choices of ir daughters, trusting m to choose ir own wardrobe.

In our online store are clothing for girls in an interesting, unique designs for girls. For example, in catalogue of children's skirts you can find really stunning in color and style model. re are options in bright, summer colors like yellow, orange, green. choice for model girls stylish skirts for more "business" wear, for example, to school or any event.

Girls and ir parents will be able to pick up and buy original models of name brand dresses. Here are options for summer walks – from light, airy fabrics that are comfortable to wear even in hottest wear. In addition, models presented in classic versions – for school events, parties.

Interesting model selected t-shirt for girls with matching designs. It is mostly pink, blue, yellow colors. On shirts you can find cool images and inscriptions.

a Question of quality clos for girls

Children's fashion clos for girls is represented in collections, which are distinguished by ir excellent quality, durable fabrics, secure fittings. Our online store guarantee a long, comfortable wearing any purchased items. Of course, if girl and her parents will be for this thing to take care of.

In our catalog you can find clos for girls of all sizes – for all children and teen ages.


Childrens clothing wholesale from the manufacturer in Ukraine
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