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Fashion children and teen jackets from the manufacturer

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Transformer jacket for girls. This product unfastened the lower part of the sleeves and the hood. In the Additional photos Recommend how to wear this model. The main fabric - plaschevka. Insulation silikonizirovannyj sintepon. Lining - satin. ..
23.00 USD 18.00 USD
In stock
Top - plaschevka Lak. Lining - satin. Insulation - sintepon siliconsamurai. The hood is not detachable. Central zipper go to the hood. ..
16.00 USD
In stock
The main fabric -  Lac. The hood is detachable. Lining-satin ..
14.50 USD
In stock
Fabric - plaschevka. Lining - satin. Pockets with locks. ..
15.00 USD 12.50 USD
In stock
Top - plaschevka Lak. Lining - satin. Insulation - sintepon siliconsamurai. The hood is not detachable. Central zipper go to the hood. ..
15.00 USD 10.00 USD
In stock
The main fabric - plaschevka. Insulation silikonizirovannyj sintepon. Lining - satin. Artificial fur - raccoon, unfastened. ..
21.00 USD
Not available
95.00 USD
Not available
Filler - sintepon; Top - Memory varnish cloth; Nylon lining; The hood is not detachable; Ears on the hood of plaschevki; The back of the product bow. ..
11.00 USD
Not available
Fabric - plaschevka. Lining - sateen. Insulation - sintepon 100. Hood not otstyazhnoy Pockets without snakes.   ..
13.50 USD
Not available

Fashion vests: begin to follow the fashion from childhood!

there was a time when the child was considered to be the prototype of an adult. Accordingly, to him (in the context of fashion) imposes the same requirements. Clothes for children were made from tissues that were adults and therefore were uncomfortable and badly affect the General condition of the young members of society.
However, today things have changed. The children began to enjoy the use of bright colors goods with a modern feel. One way to help show the youth individuality is to buy children's jackets wholesale, stylish and modern.


Why this product is always buy?

Because the waist is a fashionable clothes, taking into account all the needs of children in terms of self-expression. Such clothing is different:

•    Comfort.
•    High quality.
•    Variety of models.

Children (especially those aged 12-16 years) I do not want to follow the recommendations of the parents in choosing clothes. They prefer to wear things that are consistent with their internal condition, age, affiliation to a particular gender. Baby vests wholesale is the ability to accommodate all requests of small buyers so that they coincide with the demand of parents for quality and practicality of things.



the Most practical application of children's vests from the manufacturer wholesale is a winter sock. Convenient products allow longer wear fall jackets and coats. The vest complements the image of a child, when basic clothing is your dress or pant suits, school uniforms or clothes for trips. Fashion vests appeared in the late 20th century, and today it is also relevant.

What you can select vests? Where to buy?

Preparing kids Jersey wholesale to buy, pay attention to a large selection of colors. There is a stylish red, blue, yellow model, vests peach and pink shade, also with the heroes of disney cartoons. Are the classic and extended models, products, unusual cut. If you want, you can pick up an interesting assortment.

Cities of Ukraine, in which you can choose
kids Jersey wholesale cheap – is Kiev, Odessa, Khmelnitsky. You can also search for headings in Kharkov Barabashovo.

Standalone children's fashion

Today, fashion for children not only exists, but also publicly stated as much. That is the way to autonomy. Fashion allows the child to realize his natural desire to be beautiful, to draw attention to themselves, to enjoy success with the opposite sex, to follow the latest fashion trends. It is important that today appearance is subject to interest boys and girls of early age.

If a teenager dressed as he likes – he gets a kind of protection to become popular in the company of peers. Shy children modern clothes help to overcome the internal barrier.


Use clothes good quality

Children's clothing wholesale in Ukraine is the opportunity to become owner of high-quality things and offer them to the children. If you implement the natural need of the child to Express themselves – it is close to the state of harmony. Accordingly, better success in school, increasing social status, improves self-esteem. Peers are happy to be friends with such a person. The child feels great!

While your son and daughter earn their own money, the task of parents is to provide them with protection of health, using the sample of season clothes. For example, vests are perfect not only for the off-season, but also for cool summer evenings when you need to protect from drafts back.

Childrens clothing wholesale from the manufacturer in Ukraine
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