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Stylish children's and teen's jacket from the manufacturer

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Jacket - vest "Michel" is made of plashevki (canada). The product is decorated with an asymmetrical bottom. Lining fabric made of durable, wear-resistant satin. At the waist is regulated by the curtain. The hood is unfastened. Pockets with a zipper (metal) are conveniently located. Sl..
27.00 USD
In stock
"Andrew" - a stylish demi season jacket for boys. Model straight cut with a bright finish. Two pockets with zippers are supplemented with valves with eyelets. Stripes and inscriptions on the shelf and back highlight this model against the general background. The hood on the hood adjusts t..
27.50 USD
In stock
Demi-season jacket for pre-school boys "Matvey". The main fabric is camouflage. The lining is nylon. Heater - a new generation of silicone. The hood is not unfastened. The product has two zipped pockets. ..
23.75 USD
In stock
Jacket for girls "Heart" of preschool age with detachable sleeves. Comfortable and practical, made of high quality material and relevant in the modern world of children's fashion. The main fabric is a matte lacquer. Lining fabric - nylon. Insulation - silicone new generation. The hood i..
20.25 USD
In stock
Jacket "Celine" is made from raincoat fabric - Canada and targeting school age group. The product is decorated with a notched silicone stitch and zipper with an original inscription "Angeli.R". Zippered pockets hidden under a decorative yoke. Hood (not detachable) with tselnokrajnimi collar..
28.50 USD
In stock
The jacket "Kim" is made of a modern waterproof fabric of two types. Graphite, dark blue and gray from a dense two-layer fabric with a water repellent effect. Wet-asphalt and jeans have the same effect but consist of a single layer, which allows the fabric to be more lightweight. Direct cut..
31.00 USD
In stock
The jacket "Kim" is made of a modern waterproof fabric of two types. Graphite, dark blue and gray from a dense two-layer fabric with a water repellent effect. Wet-asphalt and jeans have the same effect but consist of a single layer, which allows the fabric to be more lightweight. Direct cut..
33.00 USD
In stock
Convenient and practical the Park "Harvey" made of thick cotton with waterproof impregnation. Front zip hidden placket with buttons. On the front of the product, two functional flap pockets at the back and hood for regulating the volume rocker. Stripe on the sleeve and on the front parks gi..
28.50 USD
In stock
Stylish coat "Darcy" is sure to please both parents and girls. The Park is made of quality fabric. On the reverse side of the fabric is sealed with a thin layer of knit. As insulation used silicone. Lining of durable wear-resistant sateen. Used in the manufacture of costly furniture, whic..
36.00 USD
In stock
Demi jacket Asya semifitted silhouette made of mantle tissue "Canada". The product uses insulation made of siliconized padding polyester satin lining fabric. The product has an asymmetrical hem, and is decorated with a notched yoke, pocket flaps and lapel of the hood. On the chest there is ..
24.00 USD
In stock
Jacket "Ralph" is made of high-quality modern waterproof fabric. Lining of durable wear-resistant sateen. Removable hood, zip closure. Model straight cut from two colors of fabric, which is complemented by a practical and functional pockets. Center snap placket covers zip closure. ..
27.00 USD
In stock
The main fabric is high quality waterproof fabric (gloria). Finishing fabric (jeans). Lining fabric - satin. The product of two functioning pockets. The hood is not detachable. ..
28.00 USD
In stock

Kids jackets wholesale – low prices and high quality

deal children's jacket should be warm and of good quality. refore, to choose a jacket for winter period should carefully. We offer a variety of children's jackets wholesale of excellent quality at most affordable prices from manufacturer in Kharkov!

As producers of children's jackets, we take care of several important criteria:

• Strength and quality fabrics.

• Design, suitable for winter period.

• Quality of clothing, neatness of seams.

• Stylish and versatile design all models.

Fabric, from which all wholesale children's jacket, suitable for winter period. y have excellent protective properties and will not allow child to get wet even during heavy rain. It is very important for all jackets, especially when it comes to children's clothing. Fabric though has a high durability and protects from rain and wind, but does not violate breathability. Thus, body does not feel cold and not getting wet in rain, but also has constant access to air and can "brea". All kids jackets created with insulation that makes m warm and windproof, but not heavy. This jacket also does not restrict movement, which is especially important for a child. Well plaschevka in role of protection from wind and rainy wear – most reliable option.

Children's jackets wholesale from manufacturer

n order that child is not cold and not wet in winter time, not enough good tissue, although this moment is one of most important. But anor important point is design of children's jackets. For our climate cold wind and rain is a frequent occurrence. So you should choose a demi-season jacket from manufacturer not too short length and hooded. Such kids and Teens jackets are sold wholesale at our store. All clothing has a sufficient length to protect child from wind. Also jackets have handy hoods that are adjacent to head and do not allow to get wet.

Quality of tailoring of jackets is very good. All lines and seams created neatly and evenly. Qualitatively created, and zipper with buttons – y are all durable and well open. same can be said about buttons that are easy to button up and unbutton and well sewn to fabric.

Buy children's jackets wholesale or retail

On our website you can buy children's jackets wholesale. price of a lot of such clos will be very accessible and enjoyable. Comparing price with quality dnash jackets, You will definitely be happy with purchase. Also, any buyer will appreciate conditions of our wholesale orders, we work efficiently and we approach each client individually. In our store You can make a wholesale order or buy children's jackets retail. In any case, we can easily guarantee prompt delivery in Kharkov and Ukraine.

Each children's jacket, offered in our online store, you'll be in design. So, to find outerwear for every taste.

What we offer?

• Stylish baby jacket wholesale for teenagers.

• Jackets for boys and girls – as bright and colorful or simple and plain.

• Cloaks.

• Vests.

• Jacket-transformers, which allow you to transform a warm cloak, comfortable, lightweight vest.

Our collection includes high quality and stylish spring and autumn jackets wholesale. Most often, autumn choose a more simple clos in muted colors, because this is time when it is easy to contaminate top or clos to get wet. And spring – time look bright and to wear lighter things. However, our winter jackets are suitable for that, and for anor period. Even brightest clos are very easy to clean.

Childrens clothing wholesale from the manufacturer in Ukraine
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