Cashmere coat - the trend of the season 2016/2017

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Finally, we have to go into the benefits of complex and intricate patterns, I want to be more comfortable and at the same time stylish and elegant, then that will emphasize the elegance and femininity hostess. A child is especially necessary to coat was almost. Extra folds, large decorative collars, decorations on the sleeves - it's beautiful, but nobody is no surprise, but the child is not happening, the main thing is the convenience and comfort, ease of socks and of course warm.

We offer you a free cut coat on the buttons of classic style combined with bright and bold colors. Your girl will wear it with pleasure and will feel confident in yourself, and you'll feel confident that it is warmly dressed and looks great. Cashmere coat - is a luxury, but we know that our children deserve the very best, and now this luxury available. Allow your fashionista to be elegant in our wonderful coat.

Cleaning your cashmere

We recommend hand washing cashmere because it protects cashmere fiber, which will keep them much softer, and extend the life of your clothes. You can also use dry cleaning, which will help with the removal of heavy contamination.

How to wash by hand

    Fill the tub with warm water and add a cashmere shampoo or other gentle soap. Whisk foam.

    Place your garment in the bath and gently warm miss foam through it. Or twist it, twist or rub. Let the foam dressing a few minutes.

    Gently rinse and squeeze the garment in warm fresh water until the water runs clear, and there will be no foam. Do not squeeze the garment.

    Holding a piece of clothing in the sink, gently squeeze as much water as you can.

    Collect your garment in both hands and gently put the apartment on the floor on a clean towel.

    Turn the towel with the garment inside and squeeze out excess water.

    Expand the towel and put your garment to dry, the new towel.

    Gently lay in its original form and let dry.

    Keep your garment separately from sources of heat or direct sunlight, such as solar windows, radiators and clothes dryers.