About the brand "Angeli.R"

"Angeli.R" is a registered trademark and patented. Directed mission of our company is to see the children having fun, happy and successful, producing for them high quality and design that will satisfy the taste and flavor of their parents. In each season (spring, summer, autumn, winter) we introduce the latest trends in order to keep pace with the time, to meet the demand of the buyer, companies, retailers that sell wholesale and retail in Ukraine.

The main concern of our company is to offer a range of high quality, beautiful and comfortable style for any occasion (for children and teenagers, stylish and fashionable jackets, jackets for girls, Jackets for children, winter jackets for boys, for boys.). Ordering in bulk once you become our regular customer, ordering in bulk again and again. We are guaranteed to pay great attention to strict quality control, where each element is checked at each stage of production.