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New Arrivals

Angeli.R - quality children's clothing from the manufacturer!

The main task of the company "Angeli.R" to ensure a comfortable process for wholesale purchases of children's clothing from the manufacturer in Ukraine - it is all our satisfied customers and their children. Seeing the joy their children will automatically become happy parents.

Where we work?

Specialization "Angeli.R" is a children's wholesale clothing, high quality and fashionable, including teen. We selected the best models of the spring-autumn season the period of 2018-2019 years, and invite you to mutually beneficial cooperation!

To buy the goods at the best prices - the natural desire of every representative of the business environment. The rule is relevant for small and medium entrepreneurs and large business players. We sell things that differ affordable price, comfortable style, elegant style, versatility, and beauty.

Top children's clothing wholesale from the manufacturer - Angeli.R Ukraine

Partnership with us very soon, will bring you the desired result! We are ready to support business linkages in the continuous mode, to help you grow your business.

We guarantee:

• Loyal price for the goods item.

• Decent quality stuff.

• Transparent scheme of cooperation with business and commercial entities.

location preference

The city in which we operate is particularly effective – is Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov, Khmelnitsky. The potential of other settlements within the Ukrainian borders, we also consider.

Stylish clothing for kids and Teens

kids clothes wholesale

The main direction of our activities – these are things for girls and boys. Creating a new model, we take into account their conformity 5 important criteria:

1. Quality.

2. Style.

3. Fashion.

4. Convenience.

5. Comfort.

Visit our company's website in the section "the Catalogue" - you can always see the latest novelties of the season. The range of offerings is the elegant things from the Ukrainian manufacturer.

You have already found a reliable partner!

"Angeli.R" - production company, strictly adhering to the principles of honest business practices and compliance with preliminary agreements. Now you do not need to search several suppliers of children's clothing in Kiev – on the point of sales is so great that no problems with the selection of a suitable range. Detailed information on cooperation, see the tab "Cooperation". Here you will see that the minimum wholesale party is a complete bike one color, full sizes. Before making a purchase, take a good look at the size chart.

What's more is that you don't need additional expenses for travel or flights. Wholesale purchasing is a rational way to save your money, especially if your activity is connected with implementation of children's clothing in Odessa.

The motivation of our experts

The plant's technologists, designers, fashion designers try to make things elegant, thoughtful design to the smallest detail. The finished products demonstrate professionalism, convey their vision of beauty.

The current offers!

Wholesale Internet-shop of children's clothes "Angeli.R" has exposed on sale jackets for winter and off-season period (autumn, spring). Opt possible of both large and small batches. Discounted products are presented in the same thematic section.

What can we buy?

Jackets, vests, spring jackets. Also winter overalls, winter jackets. Else - sport suits for kids, school uniforms, summer assortment.


How to order?

You must make several consecutive steps:

1. To choose a product.

2. To determine the color (it is indicated on the right side of the photo).

3. Put a "tick" next to the word "Month".

4. Specify the number of sizes in the corresponding field.


How can I receive the goods?

Children's clothing in Khmelnitsky is delivered by the carrier "Nova poshta". What time will be sent the products agree in advance, during checkout. From the point of sales in the "New mail" item is sent once to the Bank card of the sender receives funds in full (100% prices). Payment made by the recipient.

Do buyers of the product? To see this information in the section "Reviews". People are happy with the quality, colors of things, as well as those that were able to purchase children's clothes inexpensive.

As refer to the products of the small customers?

clothing for children from the manufacturer

Oddly enough, they want to be fashionable and beautiful! At a young age is a means of self-expression is one of the most effective. You can give the young generation the joy look better than others if you offer them new things tailored with a unique design!

Good taste is formed from the moment when the child begins to feel like a member of society. Children's clothes in Kharkov Barabashovo, allows you to choose models that emphasize the dignity of the anatomical structure of the body.

Do not be surprised – the sympathy between the sexes, arise from an early age. Children see very well that those who wear beautiful and modern, their peers are more pronounced interest.

Naturally, kids want to be better than others, to attract everyone's attention. Things are important to younger buyers – it's their chance to be visible, raise your mood, it is better to learn.

A child's motivation

Realizing the advantages of attractive appearance, children not only begin to learn better and become more balanced individuals. They have to think before act up, and offer parents a kind of diplomatic agreement – of course, not characterized by unselfishness. But it even is good: it's faster is socialization, honed the skills of business conversations.

So do not worry – the sale you will be! If the children like the thing they use all their cunning to parents that thing they bought!